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What is a domain name?

The domain name is actually the address name of your site, which offers an easy to remember internet address and should be unique. Every Domain have two parts. i.e, our own domain the first part is the name of our company that we chosen and the second domain extension “.com”. You can register you domain with .com, .net, .org, region focused name like .pk, etc.

We offer domain registration throughout Pakistan, and our customers are registered from all over Pakistan and around the world, including Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, quetta and other locations.

A domain is an address that can be found on the Internet. as expressed by email or website. You have maintained your dominance in many areas such as the Internet. Com. PK for example, domain name registration makes you and we are the leading company in Lahore who offer the best domain registration services in Lahore, Pakistan, a good domain name always helps to attract customers and increase sales.

We offer domain registration services for International and PKNIC. you choose a domain name if you have a PKNIC domain, (requires registration with PKNIC). BabarOnline offers domain name registration services in Pakistan, and we are the leading company in Pakistan that registers all domain PK names nationally for all domain names available to local and international customers.

Including Our Domain Name Services
Name Suggestion
Domainsbot’s name recommendations are based on the popularity of keywords, the volume of the domain name and the relevance of keywords.
Contact Privacy
Sensitive WHOIS information protected your sensitive information with domain privacy for $3 per domain.
Managed DNS
Provides a reliable and fully managed DNS service to improve website performance.
Parked Pages
You can earn extra money with your unused domain names via pay-per-click (PPC).
Customer Care
When you need help, visit our award-winning customer service.
Dedicated Support Team
Our team is dedicated to the continued success of each of our resellers.

The registration fee for domain names in Pakistan is PKR 1,175 per year and USD 24 per year for domain names registered outside Pakistan.

  • The fee is charged every two years (two years).
  • The annual fee for updating a domain is the same as the domain registration fee.
  • The money must be deposited into the account before a new property is registered (or paid for with a credit card when registering).
  • For more information about the different payment methods

We offer low-price prepaid PKNIC cards to buy one or more and our prices will remain the same and cheapest for the entire market. We are the top Gold partner with PKNIC and a major PKNIC-registered reseller.

The process is very easy to purchase prepaid PKNIC cards and using the card. Simply place an order on the checkout page, add the required number of codes, complete the purchase, and choose the payment method of your choice. Once the order is completed, you will also be notified of your inbox and then pay for it. Once the order is completed, you will also be notified of your inbox, and you will then be notified of the payment and order by phone, email, or we will send you the prepaid code or your preferred ticket.

Next, you can use PKNIC to renew your existing domain using your card code or purchase a new domain name .pk,,,, or, etc. PKNIC only offers this service, but no other registrar will charge the PKNIC account, which allows them to register a PK domain for you and your clients, which external providers. It purchases and securely accepts all essential PKNIC domains, although it cannot display or update the site name in Pakistan, except for contacts in Pakistan.

PKNIC cards are non-refundable once they are sold and there will be no claim made, so get the maximum information before you buy.

Buy PKNIC Prepaid Cards PKR 2195 / 1Card

So act fast, spend the least, get more, and now the prices for ordering different PKNIC card numbers are not the same, it is a flat fee for the time to buy the PKNIC domain balance. If you want to add a PKNIC domain to the PKNIC panel to write up a new PKNIC domain or upgrade an old domain based on PKNIC, this panel will cost less. Each card can be used to record and update any domain provided by PKNIC within two years.

Cheap PKNIC Prepaid Card

BabarOnline is one of the main PKNIC dealers that offers prepaid PKNIC cards. The cards are just a special PIN for registering or renewing all types of PK-DomainsPK, .COM.PK, .NET.PK, .ORG.PK, .FAM.PK, .BIZ.PK, .WEB.PK, .EDU.PK, .GOV.PK, .GOB.PK, .GOG.PK, .GKP.PK, .GOP.PK, .GOS.PK and .GOK.PK domain name. Prepaid PKNIC cards offered by BabarOnline are cheap and affordable prices. you can get as many prepaid PKNIC cards as you like from us. We offer a great discount for bulk orders of prepaid PKNIC cards. you can also renew or register your PK domain name with the PKNIC card below.

PKNIC card price in Lahore

As mentioned above, the prices for bulk PKNIC prepaid cards will be quite different, but we have reduced this confusion and now sell the lowest simple, straightforward, fixed prices on the market. We only offer 2135 PKR PKNIC cards, so you can compare the low prices and rates of PKNIC cards from other companies or PKNIC retailers in Pakistan. These cards are exactly the same as the charging cards of your mobile phone. It has 10 to 12 digits numbers covered by a scratch card, you can add credits to your domain account.

How can I update your registered domain with PKNIC?

The PKNIC card has 10 digits and a 6-digit PIN code. If the PK has lost its PKNIC card number or PKNIC password, the PK cannot renew your domain name. Before using a PKNIC card, you can simply enter the PKNIC card into the preview card domain and the renewal domain, and the PK will simply enter your domain name, PKNIC preview card number, and PIN code into the following files.

Using the PKNIC card to renew the PK domain

Any company or person living in Pakistan can simply register a domain or renew the domain for a period of two years with prepaid PKNIC card. If you are not so sure where you are going and how to use these cards, please contact them and provide details.

Registrar PKNIC Prepaid Card

PKNIC Registered Company has the right to register all pk domain and subdomains like,, etc, and has some authorized resellers with different discounts. Based on how many domain names are registered each year, a reseller is reviewed annually based on PKNIC Registered Company to determine discounts and allowances. We are PKNIC es largest reseller and an original member of SRS, so we can offer the lowest price to buy prepaid cards. You will ask for a big discount. Since then, the registration of PK domain names has become so popular that Google loves local promotions, so a large company was created to buy and protect two popular domain names like .pk and is not yet there, but I fear that brokers will soon buy and sell at a high price, as PKNIC has already started to offer rates. We recommend that you do not look at the problem here or elsewhere. to keep control of the Kimberley Process, which you hope to do because the US dollar is now rising due to the rising price of the US dollar against PKK. All PKNIC extensions are cheaper than common areas like COM, NET, or ORG. The biggest advantage of this prepaid card is that it can credit your account at any time.